Weight Loss Exercises

There are different types of strength training suitable for the goal you pursue: tone, develop muscle, increase resistance, lose weight … If yours is to have a firm and well-contoured body while eliminating kilos, then you should opt for a workout with weights to lose weight.

To burn calories in the short term aerobic exercises like running, cycling, swimming, dancing, walking are the best, but in the long term, there are better exercises to lose weight fast and for muscle toning.

Aerobic exercises help you burn fat deposits from last 30 minutes. But on the other hand, weight training helps activate muscle mass and speed up the metabolism. Aerobic exercise becomes ineffective within a few months, if you do this exclusively.  It can lose the muscle mass and could be responsible for slowing down the metabolism.

exercises to lose arm fat
Weight Loss Exercises

Although aerobic exercises involve high-calorie expenditure, if your goal is to lose a few kilos, you must be clear that you can also lose weight by training with weights. Working hard on different muscle groups, not only achieve greater toning but also eliminate more accumulated fat than you think.

To think that only Cardio training is the right one to lose weight is a common mistake. Of course, aerobic exercises are excellent option to burn calories immediately, but exercises with weight can be just as effective or even more.

Therefore, the best routine of exercises to lose weight fast is doing both types of physical activity. Keep in mind that getting rest during exercises are important. Never perform the same type of workout two days in a row. Your muscles get used to certain types of movements, become more efficient, consume less energy and burn fewer calories. Modify your workouts and periodically change speed, pace, loads, etc.

In a workout with weights to burn fat, the caloric expenditure continues for hours after the effort is finished. That is the “secret” of why weight exercises help to lose weight and not only to develop and tone the muscles. During the training, the muscles work intensively, elevating the basal metabolism and resorting to the energy deposits of the organism (glycogen and fats). Also, the calorie consumption does not end once the effort is finished.

Maybe, doing aerobic sweat more, but training with weights burn calories for longer, mainly.

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