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12 Health Benefits of Figs or Anjeer – Muscle Fit Guide

Health Benefits of Figs (Anjeer)

The figs have a sweet flavor and have a crunchy texture, which are a delight to the palate and which give a special touch to all kinds of taste. But the problem is in figs, there is a high energy value that is noticeable on the scale. In fact, because of its contribution in sugars, it is usually banished from the diet plans, as it happens to the banana or cherimoya, but it has interesting nutritional facts that should not be ignored.

Do you want to know them?

They contain a lot of water and are rich in carbohydrates. They also provide fiber that ensures a good intestinal transit and prevents hunger spikes, antioxidant compounds, minerals (potassium, magnesium and calcium) that ensure proper functioning of the body, a good amount of vitamin C and pro-vitamin A that prevents cell oxidation.

Do you want to know more about its qualities?

In this post, you are going to read 12 health benefits of Figs or Anjeer. So, without further talking, let’s begin!

health benefits of figs or anjeer
Health Benefits of Figs or Anjeer

Providing energy

Like mango, they are rich in carbohydrates, so they provide energy (it is the only source for the nervous system and blood cells). In fact, part of this ‘gasoline’ that is not used immediately accumulates in the liver and muscle in the form of glycogen and facilitates recovery after training. Expert recommends, taking 2 or 3 pieces of Figs before going to the gym to feel the energy.

Repair mucous membranes

It contains a moderate amount of a carotenoid (pro-vitamin A) of antioxidant action that, when it reaches the body, is metabolized into vitamin A. This organic substance, among other functions, is useful for eye health and favors resistance to infections, restores and nourishes the mucous membranes, both of those are seen (mouth, lips and tongue) and those that do not (stomach and intestines) and helps the good state of skin and bones.

For constipation

It is considered as a laxative fruit for its contribution in soluble fiber, contains approximately 2.5%. This helps to recover the intestinal transit, since the fiber captures water and increases the fecal volume, making it more fluid, which favors a correct excretion. Its consumption is especially interesting in cases of constipation. In addition, figs are well digested because they contain emollient ferments that are absorbed without problems by the gastrointestinal tract. It can be consumed at any time of day, between meals, for dessert or as part of breakfast.

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Taking care of the intestine

Its soluble fiber acts as a prebiotic, stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria in the small intestine. Other effects on the microbiota, previously called intestinal flora, inhibits the growth of pathogenic substances, serves as a food substrate for bacteria live (probiotics) and helps the digestion of other nutrients, especially minerals.

Friends of the bones

The Figs are ‘friends’ of the bones. They provide 250 mg of calcium per 100 g, while in the fresh option they contain 38 mg per 100 g. Even so, its consumption should be moderated in cases of overweight and diabetes due to its sugar content. In addition, according to the expert, bone health depends not only on the calcium of food but on other factors such as the contribution of vitamin D, physical activity or consumption of salt or caffeine.

Help control hypertension

The fig has trace elements that help control blood pressure (fiber, potassium and magnesium). However, like no other food, it has the healing effects in itself. Its consumption would be favorable for this disorder within a healthy diet low in fat and salt, accompanied by changes in lifestyle: eliminate toxic substances (alcohol or tobacco), lower stress, monitor the scale and combat sedentary lifestyle.

Contains antioxidant assets

It provides pro-vitamin A or beta-carotene, which is transformed in the body into vitamin A and has antioxidant action, prevents aging and helps against degenerative diseases.

Maintaining glucose levels

It can be considered an isotonic food, since it replenishes sugars (sucrose, glucose and fructose) and mineral salts that are lost in overexertion. An excellent snack, when you have done a great physical or mental activity.

In dry format

Dried out they lose much of their content in water, remaining only in 27%, but the caloric value and the concentration of nutrients are elevated. That is why it is an ideal natural energy supply, easy to transport and that is well preserved for a long time. Do not hesitate to use it if you like to pedal for hours or do hiking trips.

benefits of figs anjeer
Benefits of Figs (Anjeer)

As syrup

Preparation: 10 min.

Cooking time: 2 h +15 min.

Difficulty: minimum.

Ingredients: 750 g of figs, 750 g of sugar, 2.5 l of water, ½ vanilla pod.

Wash the figs and remove 3 or 4 strips of skin. Open the vanilla pod along. Put the sugar, water and vanilla pod in a saucepan, bring to a boil. Incorporate the figs little by little so that the water does not stop boiling. Cook over very low heat for 2 hours (turn over several times to make the figs transparent).

Remove the vanilla and before the figs are cooled pass them to sterilized jars. Cover with the cooking syrup. Close hermetically and cook in the pot in the water bath for 15 minutes.

With nuts and cheese

Do you want a different appetizer?

Arrange a wedge of cured cheese on a plate, place a dry fruit on top (walnuts, pistachios, chopped or rolled almonds) and garnish with thin slices of fig (you can make them with a mandolin). Garnish with a few drops of virgin olive oil and make sprays with citrus vinegar. You will get a little-seen cover that leaves no one indifferent.

As a breakfast item

In your breakfast do not miss the jam? Have you tried figs? With a kitchen robot, it will be perfect, but you can also make it on a slow fire. We are telling you how. Put on the fire, 1 kilogram of figs previously peeled and chopped, add half a kilo of sugar and the juice of half a lemon and simmer until the mixture acquires thickness. Then, remove and if you want a finer texture, pose by the milling machine. This marmalade will be preserved in perfect condition for several days. Do you want to extend its duration? Put it in boats, close and put them face down.

Here is a bonus video for you about another 10 benefits of figs. Enjoy 🙂

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