Diet Plans

We all are concerned about a fit body. But, fat is the killer. According to the World Health Organization, our daily caloric intake in the form of fat should be 15 to 30%. But, majority of our case are different. Our calorie intake is much higher as we are too lazy to burn the calories.

However, when in the daily diet the contribution of fats is higher than the body needs to function, problems begin to appear. Fats begin to accumulate almost always in a visible way in the body. But it is not just the fat that is apparent to the eye – and to the touch.  The excessive caloric intake through fat intake negatively affects our health. The accumulation of fat is related, not only to obesity but also to the appearance of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. To avoid this problem we are going to present you with a weekly diet plan to lose fat.

diet plans
Diet Plans

The daily intake divided into five doses:

Breakfast like a king: This is an old saying. Breakfast is the first and main meal of the day and should contribute between 20 and 25% of daily calories. In a good breakfast, you should never miss a slice of bread with olive oil and slightly seasoned, a good glass of natural orange juice, a portion of strawberry cheese and an infusion of hibiscus.

At mid-morning, the intake of an apple and four raw macadamia nuts is recommended.

In the meal a carrot salad with beets, dressed with olive oil and salt, a fillet of grilled salmon and a jelly for dessert.

In the afternoon, a yogurt with a spoonful of three portions of cereal and a cup of tea with soy milk.

To end the day, a light dinner consisting of fresh cheese with natural tomato and anchovies in oil and a slice of watermelon. Finally, a relaxing drink to fall asleep.

To get the most out of our weekly diet plan to lose fat , it is essential that it is accompanied by moderate physical exercise and drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily.

New diets appear every year, but not all are recommended. In general, for a diet it has to be effective in losing weight and also safe. It cannot be too strict. But, in addition, it must adapt something to our tastes.

It is difficult to make a selection of the best diets to lose weight. There are many that are not recommended, there are also many diets that are effective.

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