Jason’s Muscle Fit Guide

My Journey to Optimal Health and Wellness

Jason's Guide to Health and Wellness

See that large glass of water on the left? That’s 260 lbs of Grade-A Jason. I’ve been over-weight for the last 10 years, and despite numerous diets and exercise programs, I’ve continued to gain weight and I’ve felt worse and worse every year. After witnessing a pretty amazing health transformation from a guy that I work with — who lost 60 lbs in 5 months, and is quite the show off — I’ve decided to finally stick to it and actually try to get healthy.

So, for the next year, I’m going to push myself to lose weight, get in shape, and I’ll be blogging about it here. It’s my hope that between keeping myself accountable for what I eat and posting my journey, that I can eventually turn this site into a guide to help other 260 lbs Jasons.

The Mission:

Health and Wellness

To achieve my fitness goals, I’m going to be incorporating a paleo based low carb meal plan crossed with exercise. I’m also going to be limiting my fluids to only water and tea. My weight loss, diet, and exercise will be watched over by Dr. Ryan Pilsner (my chiropractor in Fort Collins — highly recommended), and his wife Melissa who will be helping me with the psychological side of losing weight and keeping it off.

Weight Loss Exercise Plan




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